Project info

Lithuanian-based transport telecommunications company Ruptela UAB presents our new solution – INTRANSYS. It is a new Transport Management System (TMS) which is being currently developed and is funded by European Union. It will integrate hardware and software with real-time data to provide a holistic, cost effective TMS that is geared towards SMEs. INTRANSYS will provide a platform to view, manage and report on transportation and logistics operations. It will also make communication between dispatchers, drivers, and logistics managers quicker and easier by having information needed more readily available.

Companies that have significant part of their operations in areas of transport, distribution and supply management are continuously challenged to save time and money. They feel constant pressure to increase efficiency as well as ensuring better customer satisfaction. Logistics managers have to develop most efficient routes, while providing flexibility and meet time windows. The overall objective is to develop an affordable, standard and competitive platform that brings together all the most important features that an all-in-one TMS must include. As the Transport sector represents 4.6% of Europe’s GDP, conservative savings of 10% with INTRANSYS represent more than € 57,000 M.

INTRANSYS will combine all the best and necessary aspects of a fully integrated TMS, plus, it will add more online features that are not currently common for a TMS. As INTRANSYS is a holistic TMS which will provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS), it will drastically reduce set up times and costs for companies which otherwise has to look into making a customized solution to fit their needs. INTRANSYS will cover a wide range of needs in one solution.