Project objectives

INTRANSYS is a transport management solution that will help logistics companies manage assets, plan, control daily activities, measure the efficiency of the business processes and serve as business intelligence platform used for tactical decision making. The whole solution spans over 3 levels – tactical, operational and real-time – each of them has specific components that help deal with planning issues that are usually experienced by dispatchers and managers working on those levels.

On the operational level INTRANSYS is a single tool for dispatchers and managers that can be seamlessly integrated into the supply chain processes of any logistics organization. The functionalities will help dispatchers keep track of the vehicles and drivers on the field manage and dispatch deliveries and have control over routes that are occurring throughout the day.  This is achieved by going through several stages where assets that are used in planning have their parameters configured.

  • Terminal locations serving as main operational hubs have to be flagged on the map.
  • Vehicles have to be configured along with their capacities (max volume, weight).
  • Vehicles need to be assigned to corresponding terminals.
  • Pallets and parameters that are used during loading.
  • Distribution points along with operational hours.
  • Employees that are involved in the planning process (dispatchers, drivers, logistics managers).
  • Additional customization of the optimization engine, including parameters like backhauling and cross-docking.

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On the real-time level GPS trackers are fitted to all of the vehicles which are used during the dispatch process. The real time coordinates are being directly fed into INTRANSYS, meaning that all the vehicles appear on the interactive map. Upon initiating the planning process INTRANSYS enhances the daily instruments available to an average dispatcher. A powerful optimization engine that takes into account delivery time windows, vehicle capacities, historic, real-time traffic patterns and delivery coordinates is able to minimize the daily effort required to dispatch all of the orders. Orders are automatically assigned to the best suited vehicle based on all of the parameters mentioned above.

Once the vehicles start moving, INTRANSYS gives the dispatcher all necessary tools to compare the planned and factual routes giving real-time updates, thanks to the GPS trackers fitted in the vehicles. The scope of the data is wide – estimated times of arrival, how reported arrival times compare to schedule times, time spent unloading wares, whether the driver has experienced any unexpected incidents like flat tire or a traffic accident.

On the tactical level INTRANSYS deals with data analysis and helps managers and dispatchers find real meaning in their sea of numbers. In a very competitive environment where fuel prices are constantly on the rise it is vital to keep track of your costs and have visibility over on-time deliveries, tender acceptance rates, capacity commitments. INTRANSYS will serve as a business intelligence platform which will help transform data into information and help managers and dispatchers generate flexible reports, monitor real-time dashboards and benchmark data according to their needs.