System description

INTRANSYS responds to topic IT-1-2015: Small business innovation research for Transport. We have the capacity to provide the most integrated, off the shelf TMS available that is the perfect solution for logistics SMEs. We tackle environmental and mobility challenges through our bidirectional platform that allows close communication between drivers and managers and real-time data access which improves efficiency of routes that drivers take based on what is happening on the roads at the time of driving. The tool to influence driver’s behavior will also reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and the frequency of maintenance and repairs needed for the vehicle.

INTRANSYS deals with three of the four broad lines of the Work Programme: Smart, green and integrated transport, thereby clearly contributing to the Expected Impact of the IT-1-2015 work programme:

  • Resource efficient transport that respects the environment. Our tool to influence driver’s behavior in order to reduce fuel consumption is directly related to this broad line. By reducing the fuel consumption, we directly contribute to the EC’s goal of forcing the reduction of CO2 emissions of the transport industry (95 g/km expected for 2020, the average is 132 g/km) reducing the negative impact of transport on the climate and environment.
  • Better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security. Our algorithm for real time optimization of routes will allow drivers to choose the best way to reach their destination based on data such as accidents, traffic condition and tachograph. This feature will improve mobility, increasing fluidity of vehicles on the roads. Additionally, our tool to influence driver’s behavior will promote better usage of vehicles leading to safer and more secure driving.
  • Global leadership for the European transport industry. We will contribute to improving the logistic process of European transport companies. Additionally, the adaption of the solution to the GALILEO satellite infrastructure will promote the usage of the EU Global Navigation Satellite System. Thus, European leadership in the transport sector will be retained by taking advantage of the EU space based services providing higher coverage and robustness at the same price.